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Water Walking Ball - original by Lauf!Ball

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In case the name was not descriptive enough and you still need convincing: if you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on water now, thanks to the water walking ball, you can actually do just that.

Aqua zorbing, as the activity is commonly known, has proven popular with children, teenagers and adults alike. This crazy water ball consists of a slimmer, more light-weight version of the LaufBall.

Made with only one thin wall instead of two between the user and the surface, the water ball is designed to make your feet feel like they are really touching the water’s surface and walking all over it.

Equipped with a German TIZIP zipper, which provides the best air-seal there is on the market and our unique system with an additional zipper on the outside, there are no worries of your water balloon going bust at any moment you are walking, running or rolling on the water with it.

Buy a water walking ball if you want to have a blast and discover how walking on water feels in your toes.

Available in 1.6 meters and 2 meters sizes.

Assembly instructions, TIZIP zipper, repair kit and carrying bag included.

Blower NOT included. Remember to purchase separately.

Remember to replenish the air of the water balloon every 30 minutes.

Warning: Use of the water walking ball is for pool surfaces and grass fields free of sharp or pointed objects. For use in natural water always tie it safely with the security leash and keep it floating in water of no more than 1 meter in depth.

Delivery times:
Production within 2 weeks
or, if item is on stock: 2 - 3 days

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